Don’t Take The Risk

Regular professional dental checkups, cleanings and x-ray images along with practicing a daily routine of home care are necessary for good oral health. If you are diligent about keeping six month appointments and you set aside ample time in your busy day to brush and floss properly you’re ahead in the game, so why waste your efforts and risk damaging your teeth just to indulge in a habit that probably isn’t all that good for you in the first place?

Added sugar, acidic foods, and carbonated drinks are known factors associated with weight gain and gastric disorders. They are also bad for your teeth. Harmful oral bacteria thrives on the sugar from the foods that you eat. They combine to produce the sticky film of dental plaque that clings to your teeth and causes tooth decay. Acids attack your tooth enamel which acts as an armor for the protection of the more vulnerable layers of dentin and pulp. Without your tooth enamel, you are at higher risk for bacterial invasion.

Tobacco in any form is bad for your health in so many ways. If study results of tobacco use haven’t convinced you to give up the habit a healthy dose of vanity just might make the difference. Tobacco stains your teeth and gives your breath a stale odor - so much for creating a good first impression!

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