Your Comfort Is Our Priority

What do you expect and appreciate most from your dental experience? Going to the dentist may not be something that you necessarily look forward to but certain amenities can definitely make it more comfortable.

Of course, you take it for granted that your dentist will provide the utmost in care and consideration for you and your family members and that his office staff and assistants will reflect that same sensitivity. You want to see state of the art equipment and know that your dentist and hygienist stay abreast of the latest procedural developments in the field. But what about your comfort, what sets your dentist’s office apart from the others?

Some dental procedures are more invasive than others. You wouldn’t expect your hygienist to call and see how you’re doing after a routine teeth cleaning session but you do appreciate hearing from your dentist after having had a tooth extracted or a particularly lengthy root canal therapy. Just knowing that he cares enough about his patients to make this extra effort can be very comforting.

Little touches in the office really do make a difference. It’s nice to be welcomed by name and be able to sit in a comfortable chair and enjoy a cup of tea or a juice drink while you wait for your appointment to begin. A varied supply of current magazines or brochures is always appreciated.

Rippe Dental Associates put patient comfort at the top of their list of priorities. Call for your appointment @ 303-562-1073 in Centennial.

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