Stick To A Plan For Good Oral Health

One of the main efforts in the overall goal to prevent tooth decay and other oral disease is to improve and maintain the enamel coating that protects the more vulnerable inner layers of our teeth. If you keep regularly scheduled appointments with your dental professionals you are on the right track to good oral health but proper home care is important as well.

Are you using a fluoride toothpaste? Fluoride has proven to strengthen tooth enamel and in some cases it can actually stop the progression of a budding cavity. It is a vital tool in the fight to preserve tooth enamel.

Not all chewing gum is bad for you. The very act of chewing increases the flow of the saliva that helps to wash away the sticky film of bacterial plaque that tends to cling to your teeth and the acids that eat away at your tooth enamel. Dentists agree that chewing sugarless gum right after a meal can help to prevent tooth decay.

Diet is an essential part of any plan to promote oral health. Dairy products are a prime source of the calcium and phosphorous that are so good for your teeth. Eating foods high in fiber content can clean the surface of your tooth enamel and the malic acid in strawberries for instance, can actually whiten your teeth.

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