Root Canal Therapy Relieves The Pain

If you’ve never suffered from the pain of a toothache consider yourself lucky, but if you have experienced it you know that getting immediate relief is the only thing that counts.

Your toothache may present as a constant throbbing pain while someone else’s discomfort comes when they try to chew. Either way, finding out what’s causing the ache is the only way to get relief. Dentists are well aware that if a patient is in pain the problem has most likely reached an advanced stage and has become a dental emergency. Dental offices often set aside time in the daily schedule for just that purpose.

If you are experiencing intense tooth pain it may well be that tooth decay has reached into the pulp of your tooth where the nerve center lies. In this case root canal therapy will be needed in order to relieve your distress. Even though you may have heard bad things about it the treatment is basically the same as having a large cavity filled and in some cases can be done in one visit.

A root canal procedure is done to relieve your pain not to cause it. A local anesthetic will be used to numb the entire area so that you will be pain free the entire time. An over the counter or prescription pain reliever can be used for sensitivity that may occur afterward.

The sooner your dentist can determine the cause of your discomfort the sooner he can address it. Call Rippe Dental Associates @ 303-569-6370 today.

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