Some Risks Increase With Age

For many years there has been a focus on the dental health of our children, and for good reason. Tooth decay affects more children in the US than any other childhood disease, but with the increased stress that we have placed on educating parents and caregivers about the importance of preventive methods, we are making strides in cavity prevention. There is still plenty of room for advancement in the fight against childhood tooth decay but we also need to start to focus on the dental needs particular to the older population.

Statistics have shown that as of the year 2015 just under 15% of the adult population in the US was over the age of sixty-five. With age comes vulnerability, our teeth have undergone a lot of wear and tear over the years. Lifestyle habits like tobacco use or excessive sugar consumption have had more time to make an impact on our oral health.

It is not unusual for an older person to be taking one or more prescribed or over the counter medications many of which can cause chronic dry mouth. This condition is associated with a decrease in the natural flow of saliva which in turn decreases our ability to wash away the harmful bacteria which can cause tooth decay.

Considering these and other factors it is more important than ever that we continue to see your dentist regularly and keep up with a daily routine of home care. Call Rippe Dental Associates @ 303-835-9315 and make that appointment today.

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