Make A Change To Make A Difference

Did you realize that by making some simple changes in your lifestyle you could greatly improve your oral health?  It’s really not that hard to do, you just have to show a little willpower in giving up some things that have somehow become second nature to you.  

Diet is an important factor.  Fresh fruits and vegetables are a given when it comes to nutritional value but the crisp and crunchy ones like celery or carrots are especially good for your teeth and gums.  Chewing on these tasty veggies will increase the flow of your saliva which is nature’s way of shooing that nasty, cavity causing bacteria away.

Soda is your biggest enemy in the fight for good oral health.  When the sugar in regular soda mixes with the “bad” bacteria that thrives in your mouth it turns into the acid that attacks your tooth enamel.  If the protective layer of enamel is weakened it is easier for the cavity causing bacteria to reach into the more susceptible areas of your tooth.  Diet soda may lack sugar but its acidic quality remains.  Some habits are easier to break by tapering off.  A sweet bubbly soda may be hard to resist but a bottle of sparkling water laced with a little apple juice instead might just hit the spot.


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