Look Into Laser Therapy

Gum disease that has advanced past the initial stage of gingivitis will require more than merely stepping up your oral care routine.  At this point the infection has reached deeper into the gum tissue and will have to be removed either by scaling and root planing or flap surgery.  But there may be a third alternative, laser periodontal surgery has succeeded in some cases.

Laser therapy is a relatively new innovation in the treatment of gum disease but the benefits make it preferable to the more traditional procedures.  Soft tissue dental lasers eliminate the need for sutures which in turn means no need for an anesthetic or extensive healing time.  Since there is no incision the risk for damage to the surrounding healthy tissue is minimal, as is bleeding.  A high intensity laser beam sterilizes the field of operation to lower the chance for further infection and is able to reactivate tissue growth.

Research has provided the profession with several different types of lasers each specific to a particular dental therapy.  Hard tissue lasers allow the dentist to detect a cavity in its earliest stage when less invasive treatment  is still feasible.   A hard tissue laser can also be used to relieve the pain of tooth sensitivity.

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