Guard Against The Cause

The pulp of a tooth is its nerve center. This inner layer is protected from exposure by the enamel that coats the crown of the tooth. When that protection deteriorates over time or because of some sort of trauma the pulp is exposed to the factors that cause tooth sensitivity.

Hot and cold extremes can both stimulate tooth sensitivity. The mere act of breathing in a cold breath of fresh air can be painful. Let your dentist and hygienist know if your teeth are overly sensitive before any dental procedure begins.

Some lucky people can get through a simple dental procedure such as a teeth cleaning with flying colors, no need for any kind of anesthetic at all. But for those patients who suffer from tooth sensitivity even the polishing that is part of the procedure can be extremely uncomfortable. Your dental professional understands this better than anyone so don’t ever hesitate to ask for a pain preventive.

There are certain foods and drinks that are apt to provoke tooth sensitivity. You will learn by trial and error exactly what triggers your pain. Knowing what to avoid can save you a lot of future distress.

Plaque buildup can add to tooth sensitivity. Brushing after every meal or snack will keep plaque to a minimum but if you can’t brush at least try to rinse after eating.

Talk to Dr. Rippe about your tooth sensitivity and how you may be able to avoid the pain that it causes. Call Rippe Dental Associates @ 303-835-9315.

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