Get Early Treatment

Any dental issue that may arise will be easier to treat in the early stage,  gum disease being a prime example.  The problem is that bad breath and gums that bleed easily may be the only early signs of trouble and these symptoms may be explained away by something else altogether.

Your dentist will probe between your teeth and gums - a totally painless procedure by the way, to determine if the gum tissue is beginning to recede.  If the measurements he takes are deeper than normal gingivitis may be indicated.  At this point the best treatment will be to evaluate and upgrade your home dental care routine.  A deep cleaning will remove any plaque buildup.

If an early diagnosis is not made gingivitis will escalate to early periodontitis and more intensive treatment will be needed.  A scaling and root planing can be done to clean out bacteria, remove tartar and smooth the roots of the teeth.  This procedure can be done over two or three visits and made more comfortable with a local anesthetic.

Stage three is described as moderate periodontitis.  The gums will continue to recede until the teeth loosen and become increasingly sensitive.  By now the risk for infection is stepped up.

Advanced periodontitis aggravates discomfort and the possibility of tooth loss increases significantly.  Surgery will most likely be prescribed to deal with bacterial infection.

Lower your chances of gum disease with regular dental checkups and preventive measures.  Call Rippe Dental Associates @ 303-536-6564 in Centennial, CO.

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