Evaluation Is The First Step

Before a teeth whitening process is considered everyone should be given a thorough dental exam to be sure that they are a good candidate for the treatment. The materials in composite dental fillings or crowns are not adaptable to whitening so the therapy may not work so well for people who have had extensive dental work done. Those who suffer from severe tooth sensitivity may find that whitening may aggravate their sensitivity.

If you are given the go ahead by your dentist and you choose an over the counter whitening product be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for use. It may be little more expensive to have the whitening done in your dentist’s office but the peace of mind that comes in knowing that you are in the hands of an experienced professional may be well worth it. The outcome may be better as well.

One way way to keep your teeth from staining in the first place is to avoid the foods and drinks that cause it. A teeth whitening formula will make your teeth even more vulnerable so it is essential to abstain from drinking red wine or coffee or using a tobacco product .

Rippe Dental Associates agree that good behavior should be rewarded. In accordance, they offer adult patients in good standing who have complied with recommended procedures and have kept regularly scheduled appointments a complimentary teeth whitening starter kit. Call our office @ 303-562-1073 to find out more.

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