Certain Symptoms Will Persist

The main factor in the prevention of tooth decay is to preserve the outer surface of enamel that protects the heart of the tooth where the nerve center lies. If the tooth enamel is weakened cavity causing bacteria will get through to the next layer of dentin, then the pulp and finally all the way to the root of the tooth. If bacteria is able to invade the the tooth’s root serious infection can result.

An abscessed tooth can be caused by decay, trauma or gum disease. If you suspect an abscess there are certain symptoms that you can look for. Increased sensitivity to hot and cold sensations, swollen glands or an unexplained bitterness in your mouth may indicate an abscess. An abscessed tooth will be painful but the pain can subside even though the infection continues to spread. It can go from the root to the very bone structure that supports your teeth. Don’t be fooled, see your dentist if other symptoms persist.

Your dentist will confirm that your tooth is abscessed through examination and x-ray technology. Once the diagnosis has been verified your dentist will determine treatment to eliminate the infection and save the tooth. Root canal therapy is often indicated after which a crown can be installed over the tooth to complete the restoration. Antibiotics may be prescribed to guard against any further complication.

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