Age Related Concerns

As we age we will begin to notice that it’s not just the times that are changing. One of the differences is the concern for our dental health.
Some of the basics such as regular brushing and flossing will still apply but the way that we go about getting it done may need to be addressed.

Arthritis is a common concern for many seniors and when it strikes it can be debilitating to varying extents. You may gradually find it harder to maneuver a toothbrush well enough to reach into every nook and cranny of every tooth. An electric toothbrush can make things easier.

Flossing can also be a problem. Dentists and hygienists often recommend ready-to-use dental flossers for their older patients as well as for their younger ones. There are several models available on the market today so that finding one that will be particularly right for your needs shouldn’t be a problem.

Tooth replacement may be an additional issue. Denture wearers for instance, have to be sure to keep them protected and well out of reach of curious grandchildren. Having dentures doesn’t mean that you can forget about keeping to a schedule for professional dental care. Ill-fitting or damaged dentures can be harmful to gum tissue.

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